COVID-19 and Automated Safety Solutions

New Health and Safety packages for the workplace or common public areas; such as churches, courthouses, voting booths and buildings, and restaurants with dining areas. COVID19 Information Sign Up

Traffic Control Solution for Occupancy Compliance

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Traffic control layout for a location with 2 separate entrances and 2 separate exits. Traffic control lights at the entrance to guide foot traffic. Use separate indicators inside to show proof of safety compliance or warnings for approaching capcity limits.

Location Setup - 2 Entrances and 2 Exits

Other configurations are available as custom quotations.

Fully automatic tracking for incoming and outgoing foot traffic. This is a fully specified and engineered safety package to protect the health of all people in a common area or workspace.

  • Ability to show live proof that you are compliant with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

  • Make smarter decisions using real time workspace measurements.

  • Provide the public with actual safety measurements.

  • Provide cleary visible STOP and GO lights at door entrances and exits.

  • Use visual indications to inform employees and managers

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Rugged Industrial Safety Devices

  • IP66 or better ratings

  • outdoor/indoor ratings

  • wireless communication

Touchless Buttons with Custom Lights

Touchless, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals. Customize the light patterns to provide alarm or measurement status.

Visual Sensors Watch Doorways

Touchless Optical Lasers to measure traffic and real time foot traffic counts.

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  • Additional electrical packages available for easy installation.

  • Data logging and CloudDrop options for alarms and proof of compliance reports.