Pearl Trap

Monitor and prevent hazardous contamination in water, fluids, liquid process streams.

PT2C - High Speed At A Glance

A 30 second sequence of how the Pearl Trap "batch processes" the incoming contamination inline in the process pipe.

The Pearl Trap is a turnkey system for detecting and guarding against hazardous contamination in process or wastewater lines:

  • Steam Condensate Recovery Systems

  • Wastewater Handling Systems

  • Hazardous Process Pipelines at terminal or transfer stations (oil, chemical, hazardous waste)

PT5C-1032-20 Pearl Trap In a Nutshell

This particular video demonstrates our vessels rated for high flow, high pressure, and high temperature. It is designed for very harsh process applications without compromising performance or durability.

PT2 - Pearl Trap Tutorial

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